Police Boys Club

Police Boys club was institutionalized by the Greater Chennai Police department to accomplish the following objectives

  1. Provide guidance to youth from slums.
  2. Weaning them away them from crime.
  3. Providing opportunity for learning, recreation and skill cultivation.


The origin of the Police Boys Clubs had the following underlying reasons that were identified in the community.

  • Traditional Crimes – Linked directly to Socio- Economic Conditions
  • Poverty, deprivation, illiteracy, disturbed family life, improper upbringing all contribute to crime
  • Slums are a major breeding ground for Crime

The Police Boys Club are character building cells located in cluster of slums aimed at providing guidance to youth by weaning them away from crime. A crime prevention program targeting the youth of India providing them an opportunity for learning, recreation, skill cultivation. Today 75 Boys Clubs are supported by Government, each club has approximately 100 children. Inspector is the patron for each Boys Club, additionally there are appointed Caretaker and Scout Master to take care of the students. Boys Club has facilities for sports, library, recreation and opportunities for vocational training. Approximate annual expenses for a Boys Club are Rs.2 lakh per Boys Club. Sponsors will be allowed to put their name with the Boys Club and audit the account.

The concept of Boys Clubs was formalized during the late 1950's. The numbers of the Boys Clubs have multiplied with the passage of time. At present, there are 137 clubs in Chennai City, of which 75 are supports by the Government and the rest are assisted by voluntary agencies and Philanthropists as sponsors.

The objective of these Clubs is to guide and encourage children in their adolescence who lack parental attention and care. These Children mainly from the under privileged sections of the Society, are given opportunities for learning, recreation and skill cultivation. These inputs help them to develop into healthy citizens of the Society and prevent them for drifting towards crime and deviant behavior.

CAPSI TamilNadu & Pondicherry Chapter has adopted one of the best Boy's Club in Chennai, the Ayanavaram Boy's Club, that is running for the past 12 years.

Boys club – Ayanavaram is situated in heart of Ayanavaram which has 876 houses of housing board flats of 'A' Block to 'L' Block, there are 4350 voters in the colony. Children below 16 years are around 100 No's and youth around 300 Nos, in the 300 No's 150 youths are working, rest are part –time workers like painters, carpenters.

There is a Volley Ball ground, a GYM, Children also practices Yoga and Drawing. There is a care taker who takes classes for the children, a scout master who takes are the youth activities, Blood Donation Camps/ Health Camps are taking for the benefits of residents nearby.

CAPSI - Police Boys Club, Inauguration of adopting Ayyanavaram Police Boys Club by CAPSI Tamilnadu & Pondicherry Chapter was held on 12th January Thursday at : Boys Club premises Pachaikal Veerasamy Street, Ayyanavaram, Chennai 600 023. Ms Bhuvaneshwari IPS Deputy commissionarate the function along with Assistant Commissioner of Police, Inspector of Police and Police Co-ordinators.

From CAPSI Tamilnadu & Pondicherry chapter.

  • Capt. Shibu Isaac – Chairman
  • Mr Srinivasan – Secretary
  • Mr Haridass Menon – Vice Chairman
  • Mr Mohanraj – Vice Chairman & Co-ordinator for Police Boys club
  • Mr Sudhakaran – Core Committee Member

Children were distributed by CAPSI TamilNadu & Pondicherry Chapter – 60 Note Books, 60 Ball pen, 60 pencil, sweets , snacks, Tea were also given after the function.

Force 1 Guarding Services Pvt Ltd gave Rs. 20000/- to Commissioner of Police towards this Project in a special meeting organized at his Office, who in turn handled it over to Boys Town for their intended use.

In February 2012, Children were given sports items like Volley Ball, cricket kit, shuttle Rockets, and feather corks were given. Around 52 children books were given to Boys Club. We bring 150 'T' Shirts were distributed to children and youths, collected from Rajasthan Cosmo Club.