3rd State Conference – 27th June 2014

Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) & Association of Private Detectives and Investigators (APDI) focus on regulating private security in the State

  1. Over 32 districts in TN identified for Exemplary service.
  2. Conference to highlight welfare of the Security Guards viz-a-viz their wages, as well as Safety at work.

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6th Security Leadership Summit

6th Security Leadership Summit was inaugurated by the Chief Guest H. E. Dr. Iqbal Singh, Lt. Governor of Puducherry.

Inaugural Session started with Lighting of Lamp by the Chief Guest.

Our National Chairman Shri Kunwar Vikram Singh gave the welcome address followed by Chief Patron Maharaja Bhanu Prakash Singh. Our Chief Guest addressed the gathering, which was followed by the launching of SKSDC Emblem by our Chief Guest.

This SKSDC Emblem launch was an extra ordinary one with special Laser effect, explaining the complete meaning of the Emblem, which was appreciated by one and all.

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Police Boys Club

Police Boys club was institutionalized by the Greater Chennai Police department to accomplish the following objectives

  1. Provide guidance to youth from slums.
  2. Weaning them away them from crime.
  3. Providing opportunity for learning, recreation and skill cultivation.


The origin of the Police Boys Clubs had the following underlying reasons that were identified in the community.

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Friends of Police

This movement aims to bring police and public close. Through this movement there will be free flow of information between the police and the public. It can be very helpful in creating channels for receiving the right information at the right time.

On the other hand, police will get the information of Public response on various issues that can bring about better crime control and law & order situations more so, to strengthen internal security of our country. In the recent incidents of terrorism in Mumbai, too, if the private security personnel were sensitized and trained as FOPs, it would act as a deterrent in high profile targets like hotels and other installations.

FOP is a Hearts and Minds strategy that makes all law-abiding citizens Friends of Police and virtual eyes and ears for the police.

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