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Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI)

The olden day's concept of 'Watch & Ward' security had been given a go by and the concept of Professional Security Management had come into existence to meet the challenges of modern economic developments. Further, a large number of organized security agencies had come into existence, as a Corporate Security Management sector.

As per the Government of Tamil Nadu PSAR Act, no Security Agency can function without a licence, which was issued by the Controlling Authority nominated by the respective State Governments. Only trained security guards and supervisors as prescribed by the controlling authority can be employed by security agencies.

Considering all these factors, Mr. Kunwar Vikram Singh, National Chairman and his team based at Delhi took enormous efforts to bring all the Security Agencies under one 'Umbrella' called Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) on an all India basis, with respective State Chapter. More than 15 CAPSI state chapter offices are been operated all over India.

CAPSI, a pre-eminent and the most widely recognized and respected national organization within the Security Industry of India. Its rigid membership requirements ensure that potential clients may select from the most elite group of professional, ethical and competent security consultants available to them.

CAPSI is dedicated to promoting the interests of its members and the safety and security of all Indians. We are the national voice of the security industry and have a growing membership of over 200 companies across the country, representing all major segments of the industry. We support our members through a comprehensive network of services, including high quality security education, government relations, marketing, communications and the latest industry information and news.

Students who complete their board exams wait to acquire Government jobs, and remain unemployed till they get one. A joint initiative by Government & CAPSI focuses on educating, energising and encouraging the youth to work & deal with their period of unemployment, thus benefiting them productively.

CAPSI will regularly interact with the Ministry of Home Affairs. Through each of the Regional/State chapters that CAPSI is setting up, it shall liaise with the State Governments to formulate the Rules under the Act. For this reason it is important that CAPSI and its members follow a high moral code of conduct while carrying out their business and come across to public and government alike, in a highly professional manner.

In order to inculcate young blood into the security industry, CAPSI in association with State Governments organizes many job fair for recruitment of security guards and supervisors. During September 2008, a Job Mela was conducted at Tirunelveli by CAPSI – TamilNadu & Pondichery Chapter, under the leadership of Capt. Shibu Isaac. CAPSI also provides a dignified job with a reasonable pay including all statutory benefits, such as PF, ESI etc.

The Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) recently announced the affiliation with the Friends of Police (FOP). This association empowers all the individual security guards deployed all over Tamil Nadu for further extending the Friends of Police concept and movement. Dr. Prateep V Philip- IPS, Ex- Inspector General of Police, Social Justice& Human Rights, Project Director of Friends of Police, Captain Shibu Isaac, Chairman- CAPSI, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Chapter were present at the inaugural function. Members or private security personnel affiliated to CAPSI are empowered to be involved in a problem solving partnership with the police.

For instance, if the guards suspect a person in Public, they can immediately take action and inform the police. The Police in return can seek the help of these guards to arrest the accused, before they arrive. "This evolves a system in which the ends of power and the ends of service are both fulfilled; a system in which power and responsibility is shared between the police and the people" said Dr. Prateep V Philip IPS

Capt. Shibu Isaac has, under his fine leadership, brought about this novel initiative of supporting the Police through the FOP program in Service of the Society. CAPSI – Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry Chapter also boasts of a 60+ member group with 55,000 individual personnel that is set to make this program successful, for the first time in Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry and thereafter replicated it as a National Movement.

Members of Friends of Police as well as wards of police personnel will be given preference for employment, as security personnel by CAPSI.

About Friends of Police:

The movement aims to bring police and public close. Through this movement there will be free flow of information between the police and the public. It can be very helpful in creating channels for receiving the right information at the right time.

On the other hand, police will get the information of Public response on various issues that can bring about better crime control and law & order situations more so, to strengthen internal security of our country. In the recent incidents of terrorism in Mumbai, too, if the private security personnel were sensitized and trained as FOPs, it would act as a deterrent in high profile targets like hotels and other installations.

FOP is a Hearts and Minds strategy that makes all law-abiding citizens Friends of Police and virtual eyes and ears for the police.

On 12 June, 2009 CAPSI Governing Council meeting was held at New Delhi, which was attended by the Governing Council members and state conveners. Capt. Shibu Isaac represented TamilNadu & Pondicherry Chapter. Following this, was the meeting with Honorable President of India at Rashtriyapati Bhavan.

Ministry of Home Affairs has requested the DPRD to look in to the anomalies in PSAR Act 2008 and recommended the areas that require suitable amendments. This committee is headed by Dr. S P Vaidh from DPRD.

Details of the National Conferences

  • 1st National Conference was held on 4th & 5th November 2006, at New Delhi.
  • 2nd National Conference with the theme "Youth for Safe India" on 26th & 27th November 2007 at New Delhi.
  • 3rd National Conference with the theme "Homeland Security – A Determined Approach "on 13th & 14th October 2008 at Bangalore.
  • 4th National Conference on "Global Security Conference 2009 with theme Initiatives, Knowledge and Employability" on 4th & 5th December 2009 at New Delhi.
  • 5th National Conference on "Global Security Leadership Summit 2010 –Employability, Standards, Compliance" on 3rd & 4th December 2010 at New Delhi.
  • 6th National Conference was held on 2nd & 3rd 2011 at CHENNAI. Theme of this Conference will be "Security Leadership Summit 2011"
  • 7th Security Leadership Summit 2012 and AnnualConference of CAPSI was held on December 15-16, 2012 at Manekshaw Center, Delhi Cantt.
  • 8th Annual Conference Security Skills & Leadership Summit 2013 was held on 14th & 15th December 2013 at PHD House, New Delhi.
  • 9th SECURITY LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2014 will be held on DECEMBER 12-13, 2014.

State Conferences

  • 1st State Conference that was held on 6th January 2007 in Chennai.
  • 2nd State Conference that was held on 30th August 2008 in Chennai.
  • 2nd State Conference that was held on 27th June 2014 in Chennai.